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Year Chongqing Founded
Avg. Summer Temperature
Size of Bang Bang army
Population of Chongqing
Diameter of Chongqing
Number of Hotpot Restaurants

Where & What?

A megalopolis of 30 million people, Chongqing offers an endless skyline of skyscrapers, crazy taxis, people steeped in tradition and food that will make you gasp.

The convergence of two rivers forms a rushing centre-point in this mountainous city whose streets never sleep. Fast becoming one of the world’s great metropolitan powers, Chongqing will not rest should you tire, nor offer comfort if you feel far from home.

Six applicants will be invited to form the 2014 CQubists team and jump headlong into this booming city of pace and spice. Whether an Economist, Designer, MBA student or Anthropologist, if chosen, your task will be to utilise skills and intuition to observe, eat, explore and create.

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Over the 10 week summer programme, carefully coordinated workshops, trips and presentations will complement and punctuate the life changing experience you are undertaking.

You will work on live CQubed projects guaranteeing unrivalled exposure to business in China at the same time as forming great friendships, learning new skills and redefining many of the preconceptions you may have. Additionally CQubists could be chosen for a full time position at CQubed.

If you are excited by what you have read so far then becoming a CQubist could be for you. Chongqing will provide curious weather – at times, unbearable heat – food that you have never eaten before and an experience you will never forget. We only ask that in return you keep an open mind.

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